Licensed Counselor in Scottsdale, Arizona

A Little Introduction to Carol Hunt

“I enjoy seeing individuals and families grow.  At the core, we are Very Good!  Yes, problems and pain are real, you know tragedy and abuse, and maybe you feel a deep shame you can’t explain. Perhaps your history includes addictions and behaviors that are against your principles. Honestly, it’s what you knew at the time.  Still, that doesn’t discount your origin.  You can reclaim your innate good self and realize it in others.  Life is actually very hopeful, and whatever issues you have can improve.  Every experience has meaning, purpose, and offers insight. We learn that life is a process of learning, understanding, loving, and healing.  Counseling helps you realize that not even your hardest times were wasted, that even these have valuable truths that initiate restoration. There are positive and negative ways to approach life. Opening to the positive offers healing and insight. Together we will plan treatment to address your needs while maintaining your confidentiality in a comfortable, positive atmosphere where you can envision life from a discerning angle. Life is good!  It’s time to become acquainted with your goodness!  Hope is just around the corner! Please read the following pages, give me a call for your free consultation, and we can get started.”

Therapeutic Focus

  • Guiding clients to integrate mind, body and spirit.
  • Focused authenticity enabling clients’ awareness of their true identities.
  • Develop power over unwanted addictions, traumas, and launches self-ownership.

Finding the Right Fit

  • I offer a free phone consultation prior to clients’ first session to ensure optimal counseling experiences.
  • Tailored modalities facilitate specific client needs.
  • Affordable fees.

Services are available throughout Scottsdale and the surrounding areas.