Carol L. Hunt, MAPC, LAC, CCTP

“First, I know trauma very well. It has been both my biggest agitator and most imposing educator. Eventually, I drew from it my greatest wisdom. So, I understand. I got through it, and like those before us, so will you. But it doesn’t end there, because, I have freedom and hope I never thought possible. I attended counseling sessions, surrendered myself to my Higher Power and healing, did the work, and now I can hold myself in high regard. I still have challenges that I approach with love and gratitude, which makes all the difference.”

“I spent my childhood on the beautiful California coast, moved to Maricopa County in 1980 to raise my family, and because I trusted the therapeutic work I received, to this day, I enjoy personal interests like scuba diving, hiking, travel, and period architecture. In other words, life went on remarkably!”

“I received a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling at Ottawa University and a Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education at Arizona State University. I have a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Trauma, Abuse, and Deprivation and received practicum experience at an addictions hospital called The Meadows and additional practicum work at West Valley Family Development Center.”

“Before joining Act Counseling and Education, I worked at Devereux serving families involved with Arizona Department of Child Services, and then North Pointe Counseling Center. I taught at-risk high school and junior high school students in the Chandler and Kyrene school districts and counseled on-tour military Masters nursing students at University of Phoenix. I facilitated women’s childhood sexual abuse and codependency counseling groups.”

“I am a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, EMDR trained trauma therapist, and APSATS trained therapist in a Multidimensional Partner Trauma model for partners of sex addicts. I emphasize the healing nature of marriage and family relationships addressing addiction issues and trauma from gestation to end of life.”